THE BUSINESS LUNCH ~ Business Networking in Luxembourg

The Business Lunch, November 2013 – The Business Lunch

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The final Business Lunch of 2013 was sponsored by Johan Huurman of Streff who invited guests to join him for a pre-lunch aperitif.  After networking with guests Johan explained Document Management and the services that Streff data protection services provides.

“Every operating business, independently of their legal status, annual revenue, or number of employees, creates and receives information, some of which makes up part of the official records of the organization. Records need to be retained in accordance with governmental requirements and operational need, whether it is a local news-stand vendor or a Fortune 500 company.

Businesses track and manage equipment, cash, and real estate, companies should have the same approach to their information.
Managed properly, records and information provide organizations many benefits, such as the ability to make timely and informed decisions, reduced storage costs, and compliance with laws and regulations. And most importantly is a key to success of the enterprise.
To help to you achieve a well managed documents system, STREFF can provide you solutions in document indexing, archiving, scanning and secure destruction.”
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