THE BUSINESS LUNCH ~ Business Networking in Luxembourg

The Business Lunch, May 2014 – The Business Lunch


At the May Business Lunch Christine Kaluza offered guests a pre-lunch aperitif.  After networking with guests Christine explained “ When I started to study computer science, I was the only woman, but even at this time I was already convinced that I would stay in this industry.

After living and working in the IT-field in several countries I have decided to settle down in Luxembourg and in January 2013, I started my own company: My Keysolution.

My Keysolution is a full service Internet agency, specialized in building and designing of E-commerce –shops as well as search-engine-optimisation including Googleadwords.  Of course it also includes the creation of websites for corporate and individual companies of our daily business.

Whether you need a new Webshop or a new website or a refreshing of your business representation. We can help you.

When you initially speak with us, we will spend our time trying to understand your business and your needs and for sure we can make your business grow.

My Keysolution also stands for Feng-Shui consulting, which I studied in Hong-Kong and if you need it I can also design your webpages related to the principle of Feng Shui.

Did you get nosey.?

Please send us an email or read more about us in , we will make you a special offer.”