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The Business Lunch, January 2015 – The Business Lunch

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The first Business Lunch of 2015 was sponsored by Frits Steketee of Alia Vita Engineering.  After networking with guests Frits explained

“About 35 years ago I had the privilege to work on one of the first desktop computers.  The OS was stored on a 5,25 inch floppy (360 kB) as there was no hard drive in it.  Can you imagine the storage of programs and data on a 360 kB floppy ? amazing, isn´t it?

Then, in the evolution of the computer, over the years we went from a 5,25 floppy disc to multiple Terabyte hard drives today as well unlimited storage in the Cloud.

Data….   all kind of data coming from document storage to process data from all kind of computers processes.

According to IBM every day more then 2,5 million Terabyte is being stored worldwide.

To get an idea, this is 533,333 boxes of A4 paper (2500 pages/box)

And this is where we come in…..

All this data, structured or unstructured, could have a great value for your company.

Analyzing this data and make it visible as well understandable it will lead to better work processes, a higher productivity and cost savings for your company.

How? Just send an email to and we will be happy to explain.

If you can´t measure it, you can´t improve it