THE BUSINESS LUNCH ~ Business Networking in Luxembourg

Networking Evening – 12 December


Thank you to the Angloinfo Luxembourg team for celebrating their fourth anniversary with guests at our Networking Evening.

34 registered guests joined Jean-Yves Gilson, Evelien d´Hertog and Katrin Oskarsdottir from Angloinfo for a sponsored cocktail reception.  Guests took the opportunity to network with each other and learn more about the services Angloinfo can provide.

AngloINFO Luxembourg – launched in December 2009 – is the largest information website for the expat community of Luxembourg and Greater Region. It is part of AngloINFO Worldwide – established in 2000 – operating 87 independent regional websites and 40 national ones.

AngloINFO is for anyone who speaks English – whether as a first language or not – who needs information or support on living in, moving to, or moving back to, a country or region which they are not totally familiar with.

The Luxembourg website provides essential information to more than 50,000 unique users already living in Luxembourg or planning to move over here.

The site contains:

- more than 230 information pages covering all aspects of relocation and practical life in Luxembourg

- a dedicated directory of local businesses.

- a what’s on guide

- the largest section of classifieds/small ads in English in Luxembourg

- a discussion forum

- and blogs

 AngloINFO provides a unique range of advertising solutions that enable any business to reach “the other half” of Luxembourg, this part  of the population that can usually not be reached using traditional local media.

Please click here to access the Angloinfo media kit.

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